The WatchYa TV service is so well liked that we decided to share! We get requests every day from ordinary visionary people wanting to resell or make money sharing our service to their own community.

Watch & Earn Options

Become a WatchYa TV monthly customer and we will instantly activate you as an affiliate. Log in to your account anytime to view real time statistics. Withdrawals allowed once you have accrued a minimum of $50. We pay via PayPal.


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Do it Yourself
Buy a complete reseller panel loaded with monthly credits with the exact same service as WatchYa TV and start your own IPTV service under your brand, your name and your own branded app.

Control Panel
We provide your own private pre-loaded control panel with total control of your service.

Create New & Free Trial Lines
Resellers can create and sell 1,3,6 or 12 month credits as well as unlimited free trial (24 hours) accounts for your clients. Your clients can test the service before buying it.

Extend Lines
After the trial time, you can easily renew your expired clients via your reseller panel.

MAG Device
Setup and manage accounts for MAG devices.

VIP Support
Support via Live Chat, email or phone.

Real time Stats
Monitor your clients and check their status from the panel.

Credits Based
Easily replenish credits to your reseller account anytime.

* You manually process the orders however you choose.
Initial minimum investment starts at $500 with a monthly licensing charge of $50.

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WatchYa TV Codes Panel

Let WatchYa TV create and design your very own turnkey IPTV business, complete with logo, website, hosting, marketing materials, reseller control panel loaded with monthly credits and an automated back end billing platform with all appropriate licenses. Your entire IPTV business will be on auto pilot!

Once created you will just need to replenish your credits from WatchYa TV when they run out but that’s it! Everything else is under your total control.

Includes everything in the Reseller Program plus more!

Initial minimum investment starts at $1500 with a monthly licensing charge of $200.

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